Available Units

1114 – 4873 McKay Street
Radium Hot Springs, BC
V0A 1K5
Available August 1st, 2024 for long-term / 12 month lease.
$1,550 + Utilities

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Tenant Placement Guidelines:

Placement in an affordable rental unit is determined by a combination of the following factors:

  • The applicant’s references from current employer and/or landlord must be positive.
  • The applicant’s ability to pay the rent.
  • The applicant’s total household income.
  • Preference will be given to those with employment within the Village of Radium Hot Springs.
  • Consideration will include current CORE Housing need. (Households that are living in housing that is unaffordable and/or falls below acceptable housing standards.  See Core Housing Need.)


To be eligible to live at this location, you must meet the following criteria:

1. All applicants must be of legal age, Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, and qualified employees. Gross household income must not exceed $120,000 annually.

2. Applicants must plan to occupy the unit as their primary residence defined as the residence that is the place the applicant will ordinarily and continually occupy as a residence on a full-time basis (the place where an individual lives for a longer period in the calendar year than any other place).

3. Applicants, or their spouse, either personally, jointly, or indirectly through business, must not own combined assets in excess of $100,000 at the time of application or during the tenancy.  Assets that are included for valuation are stocks, bonds, term deposits, mutual funds, cash, real estate equity, and business equity in a private incorporated company. Assets that are excluded from valuation include personal effects such as vehicles, jewellery and furniture, bursaries or scholarships from educational institutions, RESPs, RRSPs, and RDSPs, and tools essential to continue currently active employment such as farm equipment, specialized tools and vehicles.

4. All applicants must agree to the following covenants included in all CVHS tenancy agreements:
a) The Tenant is only permitted to have pets on the property in accordance with the Pet Policy.
b) The Tenant will not smoke or permit smoking of any substance on the Premises.

5. Applicants must identify all occupants that will reside in the premises for more than one week. Tenants must agree to the following as per the CMHC Occupancy Standards.
a) No more than two (2) people per bedroom. Preference may be given to applicants that use all bedrooms.
b) Spouses and couples share a bedroom.
c) Parents do not share a bedroom with their children.
d) Dependents aged eighteen (18) or over do not share a bedroom.
e) Dependents of the opposite sex age five (5) or over do not share a bedroom.
f) Tenants are required to sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement.
g) The application form must be filled out in full and submitted to CVHS.